10 Essential Ideas for 53 Things to Declutter Today

This article provides a list of items you can declutter today to help simplify your space and reduce your stress.

Key takeaways:

  • Expired spices: they lose flavor, declutter for tastier dishes.
  • Unused phone chargers: free yourself from old devices.
  • Old magazines: recycle or donate to waiting rooms.
  • Duplicate kitchen utensils: keep the best, donate the rest.
  • Old paint cans: clear space, prevent hazards in the garage.

Expired Spices

expired spices

Expired spices lose their flavor and potency, making your dishes taste less exciting than they should.

Unused Phone Chargers

Dig through that tangled web of cables and find the phone chargers for devices you no longer own; these relics have no power over you anymore!

Old Magazines

They often pile up without notice and clutter your space, so consider recycling them or donating to a waiting room.

Duplicate Kitchen Utensils

Consider how many spatulas and cheese graters one kitchen really needs—keep the best and donate the rest.

Old Paint Cans

Clear your garage of old paint cans to free up space and prevent potential hazards.

Worn-out Bath Towels

They’re rough, they’re tough, and might just double as your next sandpaper—consider replacing those frayed towels to up your post-shower bliss.

Unused Craft Supplies

Tackle the stash of fabric, beads, or yarn that promised to become projects, creating space and peace of mind.

Old Prescription Glasses

Donate or recycle those glasses gathering dust and help someone see a brighter day.

Expired Vitamins

Check your medicine cabinet for vitamins past their expiration date—they’re not going to turn you into a superhero now!

Outdated Computer Software

Outdated computer software clutters your storage and slows down your system; purge those forgotten programs to boost efficiency.

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