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A tidy home is not just about a clean and organized space; every item in your home must serve a purpose, and most importantly, make YOU happy. Beyond helping you declutter, the Minimize With Purpose Team will work closely with you to establish daily practices to keep your life organized and achieve the lasting, positive change you desire. Through your personalized tidying lessons, you will learn and implement methodologies personally tailored for you and your vision for your life.

In the art of KonMari, belongings are not tidied by location, but rather by category. The KonMari categories are addressed in the following order: Clothing, Books, Papers, Komono, and Sentimental. Komono refers to miscellaneous items such as linens, hobby supplies, kitchenware, etc. Each tidying lesson is three hours and includes one-on-one support to help you detach yourself from items that have outlived their purpose and to teach you how to recognize the items that make you the happiest; their positive energy will elevate your home and your general well-being.

Minimize With Purpose offers a variety of service options to support your KonMari tidying journey. Caitlin is happy to help you determine which option will best meet your needs during your free consultation call.



During this three-hour introductory lesson, your KonMari Consultant or Consultant team will tour your home and conduct a vision & goal-setting exercise to establish the foundation of your tidying festival. This is the heart of the KonMari method and will start you on your journey. Following this work, we will begin applying the KonMari method to your first category - clothing.

Solo Lesson with Caitlin: $375

Team Lesson with Caitlin + Co-Organizer: $575

Follow Up Lessons

Your additional three-hour tidying lessons are to support the momentum of your tidying festival. Your KonMari Consultant will manage your lesson structure - ensuring that you maintain momentum and stay on-track to complete your home.

KonMari Method Category Order

  1. Clothing

  2. Books

  3. Papers

  4. Komono / Miscellaneous

  5. Sentimental

We encourage you to consider how much 1:1 support you would like for your tidying. Our clients report that consistency is the key to achieving their desired transformations and a recurring commitment keeps them on track until they have completed their home.

Solo Lesson with Co-Organizer: $300

Solo Lesson with Caitlin: $375

Team Lesson with Caitlin + Co-Organizer: $575


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