How to Declutter Your Room: Simple Steps for a Cleaner Space

Learn how to declutter your room with practical steps that will transform your space from chaotic to tranquil.

Key takeaways:

  • Clear the floor and remove items that don’t belong.
  • Declutter by categories (clothes, books, gadgets).
  • Tackle one area at a time, starting with visible surfaces.
  • Sort items into three piles: keep, donate, or throw away.
  • Introduce smart storage solutions for organized space.

Six Steps to Declutter Your Room

six steps to declutter your room

Begin by throwing out anything on the floor that doesn’t belong there. A clear path can really set the mood for what’s to come. Next, tackle your belongings by category — this prevents the oops-I-forgot-that-one-shirt scenario later. Focus on one section at a time; maybe start where guests can see, like your top dresser or that catch-all chair.

Now, the sacred act of sorting: item by item, decide to keep, donate, or bid farewell (aka throw away). Be ruthless; your space is prime real estate!

While you’re at it, introduce smart storage solutions. Think drawer dividers for those pesky small items or under-bed containers for seasonal clothing. Remember, vertical space is your friend — hello, shelves and high hooks!

With each item’s fate firmly declared, move everything back in an organized manner. Clothes folded neatly, books stacked or shelined, and gadgets stored properly can rejuvenate your room and your mind.

Start With Clearing the Floor and Removing Items That Don’t Belong

Begin by picking up any clothes, books, or miscellaneous items scattered across your floor. These visual distractions make it tough to even know where to start cleaning. Toss any obvious trash as you go—wrappers, outdated receipts, and old papers should go straight to the bin!

Next, focus on items that don’t actually belong in your room. Maybe you’ve borrowed a bowl or a cup from the kitchen, or perhaps your laundry basket is brimming with clean clothes that should be in the wardrobe. Return these to their rightful places. This way, you’re not just cleaning; you’re ensuring everything is where it’s supposed to be, which will make it easier to keep the room tidy long term.

Once the floor is clear, you’ll have a better overview of the space, and you might even discover some lost treasures (like that earring you thought was gone forever). Plus, walking across a clear floor is immensely satisfying—no more navigating an obstacle course to get to bed!

Declutter By Categories (e.g., Clothes, Books, Gadgets)

Diving into categories saves time and simplifies decisions. Start with something manageable, like clothes. Ask yourself: When did I last wear this? If it’s been a year or more, maybe it’s time to say goodbye. Move on to books—keep those you adore or will definitely reread. For gadgets, check if they work. Are they obsolete? If yes, consider recycling them. This targeted approach prevents you from feeling overwhelmed and keeps you moving forward, one category at a time.

Tackle One Area At a Time, Beginning With Visible Surfaces Then Drawers and Closets

Begin by scanning the room to identify the most cluttered visible surfaces. These may include your desk, nightstand, or shelves. Clear each surface by removing everything and only returning items that are frequently used or enhance the space aesthetically.

Next, open up those drawers! Empty each one and evaluate the contents. This is a golden opportunity to say bye to old receipts, forgotten gadgets, and the lonely socks seeking their mates.

Finally, confront your closet. Start with the hanging items, then move on to folded clothes and accessories. Here’s a fun fact: if you haven’t worn it in a year, you probably won’t miss it. Donate or discard items that no longer fit or bring joy, making room for those pieces you truly adore.

By compartmentalizing your decluttering efforts, you make the task less overwhelming and more productive. Think of it as eating an elephant one bite at a time—just way less weird and much more satisfying. Keep a steady pace, and remember, every cleared area is a victory in the battle against clutter.

Sort Items Into Three Piles: Keep, Donate, or Throw Away

Tossing out? Hold up a moment! Let’s first have some fun with these three categories as we sort out your treasures.

Keep: These are your must-haves, items that make you smile or you actually use regularly. Think of your favorite jeans that fit just right or that book you can’t stop re-reading.

Donate: Feeling generous? Pass items that are in good condition but no longer bring you joy to someone who will cherish them. This pile is for perfectly fine clothes you’ve outgrown style-wise, or books you won’t read again.

Throw Away: Beware of the hoarder’s favorite phrase: “But I might need this someday!” If it’s broken, outdated, or hasn’t seen the light of day in a year, it’s probably time to say goodbye.

Streamlining your stuff can be freeing—think of it as weightlifting for your living space!

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