Minimize With Purpose combines the KonMari Method™ with a gentle, empathetic approach and an understanding of clients’ attachment to objects. This approach enables Minimize With Purpose to support clients through a transformation, often times during the most vulnerable transitions of their lives, from breakups to downsizing to welcoming a baby. Although each client’s story is unique, the catalyst is always the same: a desire to make lasting change. By helping clients make space, Minimize With Purpose ultimately helps clients make lifestyle changes that positively impact their physical, mental, and spiritual health, and ultimately live their ideal life. Minimize With Purpose services are delivered by Caitlin and a team of KonMari-trained organizers.


Caitlin Rose Roberts


Caitlin Rose Roberts earned a B.A. in Mass Communications from UC Berkeley and an M.A. in Organizational Leadership from Woodbury University. Caitlin managed the operations, culture and human resources for an entertainment accounting firm before discovering Marie Kondo on Pinterest. After applying the method to her home, Caitlin realized that tidying allowed her the opportunity to create space to live a life that she loved. Inspired by her own personal transformation, Caitlin began training in the KonMari Method™ and launched Minimize With Purpose in late 2016. Caitlin became the first Certified KonMari Consultant in Southern California, and in January 2019, was named the second Master KonMari Consultant outside of Japan. Caitlin now serves as a certified KonMari speaker, consultant educator and mentor. She works with clients locally, virtually, and manages a team of wonderful KonMari Consultants in Los Angeles. 

Caitlin recently relocated to Portland, OR with her husband, daughter, and fur baby.

Favorite tidying tip: keep it simple 

Favorite organization item: drawer organizer with an adjustable divider (great for socks!)

Favorite personal spark joy item: my first Mother's Day card from Olive

Kristin DeCou.JPG

Kristin DeCou

KonMari Consultant - West Los Angeles

Kristin DeCou holds a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from the University of California, Santa Barbara. Prior to becoming a KonMari Consultant, Kristin led global One-for-One® Shoe Giving at TOMS and served as a Corporate Liaison for Direct Relief, a non-profit humanitarian relief & development organization based in Santa Barbara, CA.

In 2014, Kristin was given an early release copy of Marie Kondo’s book, “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying-Up” and read it cover-to-cover. She proceeded to organize her closet, books and more. Years later, after hearing Marie Kondo speak in Los Angeles, CA about a new Consultant program, she began considering a career transition. Kristin attended the KonMari training seminar in February 2018 and became a Certified KonMari Consultant several months later.  Kristin now serves as a certified Silver consultant and lives in Los Angeles, CA with her husband Rob and two children, Hudson (3) and Kalea (1). 

Favorite tidying tip: start with your vision

Favorite organization item: hyacinth baskets (they make any space look better!)

Favorite personal spark joy item: my wedding ring

Meredith MWP vertical.jpg

Meredith Ryness

KonMari Consultant - East Los Angeles

Meredith Ryness is a California native who earned her BA in Humanities from the University of Southern California. After working as a singer and performer in Southern California, New York and Japan, she devoted time to raising her 3 children. Meredith came to the KonMari Method™ out of sheer necessity while living in a tiny, New York City apartment with her family of 5. The freedom she found inspired her to later train to become a KonMari Consultant herself and help others live the life of their dreams. 

After 10 wonderful years in New York City, Meredith is happy to be calling California home again. She lives in Pasadena with her husband and 3 children. 

Favorite tidying tip: deal with your mail right away

Favorite organization item: baskets!

Favorite personal spark joy item: a handmade quilt that was my oldest daughter's when she was a baby